Yank Barry’s Business is Now Helping Others

December 15, 2016
When you look back at his long career, Yank Barry has been successful in many different areas. He started with nearly 30 years of success in the music business, which would have been enough for most people, but he followed that up by becoming a successful entrepreneur, founding Vitapro. Again, he wasn’t satisfied, especially when he traveled the world for business and he saw people living in the worst conditions imaginable.

That is why Yank Barry decided that his third and final career would be dedicated to helping people who had no one else. This career has also been a success. He has helped so many people the world had forgotten that Yank Barry has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times so far. His Global Village Champions Foundation, a global hunger initiative, has now provided more than one billion meals to hungry people at every corner of the world. Yank Berry's philanthropy is a lot different than most; he doesn’t just donate a lot of cash and let others do the hard work. He and his wife Yvette work on the front lines, even when they help to save refugees from war torn Syria, Iraq and Iran. Thousands of people in those areas now lead better lives thanks to Yank Berry.

Yank Barry’s Fight Against Hunger and Poverty

September 20, 2016
Because of his hard work, Yank Barry has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times and he has received numerous awards and accolades over the last 20 years. When you look at his philanthropic record, the reason is obvious.

To refer to Yank Barry as a successful businessman and musician misses a major part of his life. Of course, his 30 years in the music business was very successful and his success in business is undeniable. However, his work as a philanthropist could very well be the most impressive thing he’s ever done. For example, his global hunger initiative, Global Village Champions Foundation, has provided more than one billion meals worldwide over the course of two decades.

Unlike other philanthropists, Yank Barry’s giving is more personal, meaning that he works closely with local agencies and NGO's throughout the world to help people in politically unstable areas that many others shy away from, such as areas under the control of groups like ISIS. Over the last few years, he has been able to help thousands of refugees escape the violence and uncertainty in Syria and other regions and rebuild their lives.

Global Village Champions Foundation

March 17, 2016
Since its inception in 1995, Global Village Champions Foundation has made tremendous strides in providing nutritious meals to individuals who need them most throughout the world. Under the amazing leadership of Founder and Chairman Yank Barry -- a three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee for his work and guidance -- Global Village Champions Foundation has provided more than a billion meals to hungry persons who immensely need food relief. The nonprofit organization has provided generous aid in countries such as Afghanistan, Algeria, Burma, Estonia, Ghana, Honduras, Korea, Kosovo, Malawi, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, The Netherlands, Ukraine, the U.S. and Venezuela. Food aid is not limited by country, but is distributed by demonstrated need and Global Village Champions Foundation and Barry aim to help all.
Yank Barry is a musician, entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist. He founded VitaPro Foods and today serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, which makes textured vegetable protein.